"Schmeiß den WecKer aus dem Fenster / Und die Gene deiner Eltern"
Just to get an idea of what the stuff from miKi miKron sounds liKe… try to imagine a bunch of Kids from the hood pushing a shopping cart with a ghetto blaster inside, but instead of playing 2Pac, they're playing Britney. Hard swinging beats liKe ones we Know from Missy, Neptunes, Kano and all the other mainstream peeps, but fused with Euro-Pop melodies a la Pet Shop Boys. LiKe an intimate conservation, the soft yet tragic voice draws the listener closer before announcing disintegrating messages liKe "Schmeiss den WecKer aus dem Fenster / Und die Gene deiner Eltern" (Toss the alarm clocK out your window / and your parents' genes). And under the modern surface the approach to songwriting turns out to be an almost classical one. This is where it becomes glowing mainstream.

"Hier gibts nichts mehr zu sehn / Wir wollen weitergehn"
In April 2006 his recent album has been released via Audiolith/BroKen Silence. It blends Dancehall, HipHop, R'n'B, House, Techno, and Schlager in an unusual way setting against any Kind of sound- or in-group-dogmata (be it "mainstream" or "indie"). Combining gay vocals with slamming beats, it sounds Kind of liKe a 2006 equivalent of the Pet Shop Boys' first album. In August 2006, Sound & Recording magazine featured it as "Album of the month" which shows: miKi's producer sKills are ace. He's also working as a remixer (e.g. for Die Sterne, Finn, Baxendale, Jake The Rapper, Plemo) and songwriter.

"Du bist irgendwo, nur nicht hier / Wie finde ich zu dir?"
With deep affection toward the mainstream - and deep sKepticism toward the conditions: It's all about attitude and smash hits. Smash hits liKe "Bilder Von Dir" (Pictures Of You) with its Kwaito-influenced wide screen KicKdrum. The tracK has been originally released on the "Pudel ProduKte Zwei" vinyl compilation. It caused choon Kraze and received airplay on Hans Nieswandt's radio show. On November 10th it will be released as an E-Single (download only) with remixes by STACY G. aka STACHY & DER TANTE RENATE plus Bonus Beats and a Mikron64-Liveversion. Available at literally every download store in Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

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dj-sets. my dj-sets are about drawing a bow from early house to inventive hip hop to europop while keeping history in mind all the time. to give you an idea of what i'm talking about i have example mixes available for you to listen to. just ask for it. live-sets. miKi miKron live-sets are featuring Top Of The Pops-style singin'n'posin with some extras. remixes. i LOVE doing remixes. i will make your song go pop/choon/over the top. production work. the miKi vocals are an example what heavy editing can do for bad singers :-). moreover, my beats/arrangements/instrumentals will make your song shine. contact me for the aforementioned issues or just say hello via: miki@mikimikron.com.
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