new single "bilder von dir" on its way. mp3-release only with kool remixes by stachy & der tante renate & a classic mikron 64 live version. plus bonus beats for the dee-jays. release date to be announced soon! miKi            fiesta, fiesta. it's done - exclamation mark.
the miKi miKron album "irgendwo nur nicht hier" is now being distributed and will hit the stores n streets on 24th of april.
for warming up i'll be performing live at london asylum and... buxtehude [wow! :-)]. happy: miKi
frohes neues ja! and thanKs to all peeps who've been around and helped me last year! my top tunes 2005 list goes liKe this: Klf vs deichKind "justified & ancient (mumu re-visited)", amerie "one thing (siiK rmx)", pj pooterhoots "can't go for that", afrodisiac soundsystem ft. raashan ahmad "revolution", fannypacK "you gotta know", lady sovereign ft. tinchy strider "hoodie (brucKer & sinden rmx)", lethal bizzle "KicKbacK", jme "serious", Kasion & teobi "spacebop", sharon phillips "want 2 / need 2 (trentemöller rmx)", green velvet "no sex", miKe ladd "awful raw", the mitchell brothers "fucK me? fucK you!", bloc party "banquet (the streets mix)". see you soon, miKi been around the world til i found my new hot pony sneakers. check me out wearing them at my next
dj dates [coming soon]. also glad to announce the stora promotional compilation has been released.
available exclusively via mailorder at stora. ch-ch-check it. yours, miki